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I believe no two people look exactly alike. Even identical twins are not exactly identical. As people age and experience their own personal journey their features change as a reflection of that journey, and my goal is to capture that journey through portraiture on canvas. When I start a painting I take those thoughts into consideration. I’m inspired to capture the essence and diversity of the sitter’s human experience.


My portraits are painted in the tradition of classical realism but with a more modern approach. Before painting my sitter I observe every detail in their face as a collage of shapes, color and form filling in space. Once that study of observation has been established I take a journey with them to create a  piece of art that will serve as a family heirloom that can be passed on from generation to generation.


My process of painting a portrait is a dance of light and shadow. I carefully structure the value of color and form as they interact with the light source. My preferred choice of medium is oil paint. I create my oil paintings in 3 stages. First I begin drawing the subject with charcoal on toned canvas. Second, I lay in a thin wash of the first pass of color. Finally, I add more opaque colors bringing out the full richness of the image.


Most of my portraits are painted at life size. I make the background more subdued and out of focus with a shallow depth of field, giving the viewer a feeling as if they can step into the scene to interact with the subject. I want them to feel that they can have a conversation with the subject. Each subject I paint is like taking a new journey and it is this challenge that inspires me.


J.C. Gill II is a U.S. based Fine Art & Portraiture Artist. He primarily works in oils, charcoal and pastel. His work centers on the portrait painting and the human form capturing the essence of his subjects in a narrative setting.


 J.C.’s natural talent for drawing was recognized at an early age. In his early teens he enjoyed drawing his friends and family discovering a passion for portrait drawing. He has always been deeply creative which lead him to a professional career in graphic design and illustration.


J.C. began his formal education as an artist by attending Texas A&M-Commerce, majoring in Commercial Art with a minor in Fine Art. After 3 years he continued those studies at the Art Institute of Houston receiving his associates degree. 


For the next 30 plus years, J.C. continued his professional career creating high-end designs and illustrations in the print industry. While also maintaining his skills and passion for portraiture by creating portrait commissions. Improving on his skills for painting portraits J.C. studied the approach of some of the worlds leading portrait artist. His understanding of the traditional approach to painting combined with his experience as a graphic designer helped him to create his unique style. When creating his portraits, J.C. applies a collage of shapes, color and form filling in the space of a narrative composition.


J.C. has since created several public and private commissions for families, individuals, and business clients. He has developed his own style of capturing the unique personality of his subjects. Each subject that he paints is like taking a new journey, a never-ending process of inspiration.

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